First steps

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog for several years. I’ve started and stopped, rather abandoned efforts, several times. Without getting into it now, it was through the urging of a friend I decided to pick it back up. With some hesitation, I will add, because it always feels a bit self serving and “Hey look at me!”. My friend assured me that I have stories to tell, to share, that might help others. So it’s worth a shot.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. Not the AP style kind of writing I have done, attempted, loathed, but the storytelling as a way to connect and to share and to maybe bring light to things people don’t talk about, but should.

I have no idea how to organize these posts. I can almost guarantee they won’t even chronologically flow together, not yet at least. I will jump around, not like Cypress Hill, or maybe like Cypress Hill, but probably more like a scattered mom of three that never seems to stay on top of house keeping, rarely gets a moment alone, often times is late to work because getting three kids up in the morning always occurs like it has never, at least to them, occurred before.

How awkward. But whatever, this is certainly cheaper than therapy and God knows I don’t have time in my 24 hour days to even attempt that.